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How is participation in FUTURA possible?

FUTURA/matchbox aims to bring together the traditional and new players in public safety. The platform thrives on participation.

FUTURA/matchbox is about explanation, further development and debate - not about commercial interests. The most important goal is the active participation of partners who implement their ideas in FUTURA and thus make them tangible.

All interested parties are welcome as citizens of FUTURA. Joining FUTURA does not entail any costs or obligations.

The express wish is that the Citizens actively participate. The currency in FUTURA is commitment - gladly in the form of data donations, so that the city can grow and prosper.

Those who get involved in FUTURA receive benefits: partners and citizens are seen, can exchange ideas, position themselves, create, and benefit from inspiration and knowledge transfer.

knowledge transfer.

  • for getting started and regular news: the FUTURA newsletter

  • be part of it from the beginning: register as a citizen of FUTURA

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