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The three dimensions of FUTURA/matchbox

We need to see something in order to grasp it. FUTURA/matchbox makes the challenges of the future visible and allows experimentation with possible solutions.

This happens in three dimensions and on two levels.

The macroscopic level is FUTURA: a virtual prototypical city as a digital representation, discussion and collaboration platform. FUTURA offers the chance to play. Anyone who has an idea can try it out in FUTURA - uncomplicated, without limits and without risk.

The microscopic level is matchbox: an analog laboratory and learning platform with real experiments. matchbox goes into FUTURA with a magnifying glass and promotes understanding of individual challenges.

Thus, a total of three dimensions are available through FUTURA/matchbox:

  • the virtual: FUTURA is an experimental and test field for ideas that cannot be tried out otherwise. In FUTURA can and should be played, because there are data available that other cities do not have.

  • the digital: FUTURA is programmed transparently and accessible via open interfaces. The platform thus invites simple and limitless participation.

  • the analog: matchbox is a real space with experiments that can be set up anywhere in the world and serves as an interactive explanation and learning platform.

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