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Where FUTURA/matchbox comes from

In the beginning was matchbox. Born in 2014. a recurring event with the aim of making fire safety requirements plausible. In the meantime, more than 100 experiments are ready to experience theoretical knowledge in practice.

Since 2018, matchbox not only maps existing scenarios, but also looks at future challenges of a VUCA world with "what if" scenarios. VUCA = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity' Ambiguity.

From this approach and with a great passion for shaping the future in time with the Heartbeat of Transformation, FUTURA was born. From small spaces to virtual cities, away from a focus solely on physical functions and fire safety, to an overall perspective on public safety.

FUTURA does not replace matchbox, but extends the possibilities into the virtual sphere.

The advantage: experiments can be repeated and varied as often as desired. By bringing together national and international actors from a wide range of disciplines on this platform, new connections, new ideas and a view for further challenges are created - openly and transparently.

FUTURA helps to make challenges concrete and to derive real possibilities for action from them. The future becomes visible, the future can be shaped.

Initiator of matchbox and FUTURA/matchbox is hhpberlin.

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